happy holidays

What are you doing over the Christmas break?

I’m really looking forward to playing make believe with Rose, listening to Max’s stories, hugging Alex when he’ll let me and working on the treehouse at our holiday place with Mark. But mostly, I’m going to be doing some serious unwinding. I see a lot of sitting idle in a paddle pool in my near future.

I asked the team what they’ll be doing:

“Dreaming about my new home. And crafting.” Jenna.

“Asking ‘are we there yet?’ on my family road trip to Noosa via Byron.” Karen.

“Drinking mango daiquiris and writing letters.” Mel.

child mags blog holiday readschild mags blog holiday reads

We’ll be back on 4 January 2016. In the meantime, here are some of our fave series and posts from the year. Pour yourself a cuppa and have a read:

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From all of us at child mags blog, we wish you a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones. Happy holidays!

Bron x