Super Rad DIY Kids Toys

Super Rad DIY Kids Toys

Jenna Templeton has found some really awesome toys your kids can easily make themselves.

Every parent has been there, the ‘must-have’ toy your child has begged for arrives at their feet and they pay more attention to the box it came in.

So why not skip a step and try out some fun easy-to-make toy ideas that’ll keep your children entertained for hours…making and playing, without the high cost!

9 toys kids can makeWho would’ve thought that you already had a potential dollhouse in your home disguised as a storage cabinet or side table? A IKEA Stuva draw unit has been customised into a dollhouse – genius!

9 toys kids can makeI always enjoyed crafting my own musical instruments at Brownies as a child. Hello, giant sticks with metal bottle lids attached! I like this fun modern take on the tamborine by La Maison De Loulou.

9 toys kids can makeOne of my loved art and craft tools as a kid was my mini spirograph kit. Drawing all those different coloured circles kept that little artist in me content. I love this giant human-size interactive version by Hello, Wonderful inspired by Myrtle & Eunice.

9 toys kids can makeKids can get crafty and make a ‘feltscape’ diorama using a spare container, jar lid or sunglasses case. How cute are these ones by Handmade Charlotte?

9 toys kids can makeSee! Boxes can become amazing things! This one is a personal fave as I adore those llamies. Turn a cardboard box into a wearable llama costume like this one by Mer Mag.

9 toys kids can makeUp, up and away! Kids can enjoy the outdoors for hours with a DIY kite made with a plastic or recycle canvas bag. Get inspired by these Anthropologie ones.

9 toys kids can makeWho needs to buy one of those giant plastic car play mats when you can easily make one yourself just with washi tape and foam board like Playful Learning did?

9 toys kids can makeSo cute! Those teeny tiny fingers can become adorable finger puppets and Ukkonooa blog has made a matchbox sized theatre to be the stage for a show.

9 toys kids can makeThis super cute sponge boat by Misako Mimoko is perfect for fun bath times.

Words by Jenna Templeton