Kids' Activities Mini Mag

Kids’ Activity Mini Mag

Have you downloaded our latest free CHILD Mini Mag? It’s jammed packed with lots of craft and drawing activities to keep the kids happy and entertained.

Hello! Yay! We are super excited to bring you our first CHILD Kids’ Activity Mini Mag.

As a kid, I absolutely loved activity books filled with puzzles, colouring pages and those awesome themed scene pages where you had to find a list of objects. On holidays, I was never without these activity books and my coloured pencils. I bet my parents were super happy when it kept me quiet and entertained on those long car trips.

Kids' Activities Mini MagSo with all this in mind, we just had to get creative and dream up our own activity mini mag!

In this issue, kids can draw pictures of their day and add toppings to their dream birthday cake and favourite sweet treats. Your kids can go on a scavenger hunt in the garden and keep a record of their findings and put pencil to paper to learn how to draw pets, animals and funny faces.

Kids' Activities Mini MagThe Kids’ Activity Mini Mag also comes with some free mini-cards to print and cut-out to give to friends and family.

Enjoy the issue!

Download your FREE Kids’ Activity Mini Mag.

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Kids' Activities Mini Mag

Still-Life Styling + Images by Jenna Templeton