How you can be an online safety champion for kids

The Australian Government eSafety Commissioner has released a bunch of great resources for parents and teachers on this day designated ‘Safer Internet Day’ 2020 to promote online safety issue with children, parents, teachers and the wider community.

eSafety-internet-day-2020Their website not only covers general eSafety but also has information about:

  • Social Media, apps and games
  • Image based abuse
  • Cyberbullying
  • Online abuse as part of domestic violence
  • Online scams and identity theft

On Safer Internet Day, millions of people around the world unite to raise awareness about online safety issues and inspire positive change. So it’s a great opportunity to start the chat about online safety with the kids in your life.

You can use eSafety’s ideas and resources to help improve the online safety of your family and your community, not just on Safer Internet Day but every day of the year.

Where to start

  • All the resources for downloading are available on the official site Safer Internet Day
  • Other key issue are available here