Interesting kids books on everything from animals and nature, to science, space and our world

There are plenty of wonderful books for kids that should pique their interest in things scientific! Here are just a few of the interesting ones.

Backyard Buddies

by Andy Geppert, pub. Hachette, Picture Book RRP$19.99

A beautifully illustrated somewhat factual introduction to the hoppy, crawly, wriggly, buzzy, fluttery critters that call your backyard home. The perfect companion to Backyard Birdies.

Butterflies are like moths – just fancier. They fly around during the daytime to show off their pretty, colourful wings. This is probably why moths prefer to only come out at night.

Backyard Buddies is a handy field guide full of buzzy facts (some of them even true) about the insects and creatures – ladybugs, snails, bluetongues and more – that kids are likely to discover living in their backyard.

Boss Ladies of Science

by Phillip Marsden, pub. Hachette, h/b RRP $19.99

Boss Ladies of Sport, Phil’s first book in the Boss Ladies series, was published in December 2021.

From astronomy and quantum physics to neuroscience, vaccinology and primatology, Boss ladies conquer in this illustrated celebration of inspiring and empowered female scientists from around the world.

Boss ladies conquer in this celebration of inspiring and empowered female scientists from around the world. At the top of their fields of astronomy, quantum physics, neuroscience, vaccinology, primatology and more, boss ladies, including Mae Jemison, Merritt Moore and Kiara Nirghin, answer big questions and invent grand solutions.

Every boss lady was once a little kid with a huge dream. Let their trials and triumphs inspire you to work hard at what you love, and to believe in yourself, no matter whether you fail or succeed

The Little Book of Science Through Art

by Sally Featherstone, illus. by Kerry Ingham, pub. Bloomsbury, RRP $20.69 (Can be ordered)

Linking scientific exploration and creativity, this book offers you ideas for simple activities and links them to the concepts and goals for the Foundation Stage.

Stolen Science—Thirteen Untold Stories of Scientists and Inventors Almost Written out of History

by Ella Schwartz, illus. Gaby D’Alessandro, pub. by Bloomsbury, h/b RRP$29.69

A fresh approach to a timely topic, Stolen Science is a fascinating compendium of stories of uncredited scientists and inventors throughout the ages.

Who Gives a Poop

by Heather L. Montgomery, illus. by Iris Gottlieb, pub. Bloomsbury Children’s Books h/b $35.99

Follow scientist Heather L. Montgomery into science labs, forests, hospitals, and landfills, as she asks: Who uses poo?

Brain-fizzing Facts: Awesome Science Questions Answered

by Emily Grossman, illus. Alice Bowsher  pub. Bloomsbury p/b RRP$13.49

Why is your elbow called your funny bone? How could you escape the grip of a crocodile’s jaw? Which animal can breathe through its bottom? And how do these things all link together?

Written by science superstar and STEM Ambassador Dr Emily Grossman, this book will answer all science questions you may or may not have wondered about. Each section in the book is linked to the one before it, creating a fantastically interactive structure, where a question answered brings up new curiosities and surprises. This is the perfect book for children who love learning about science or who need an extra nudge when it comes to STEM subjects. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out how a hippo can use its own sweat as sunscreen?!

Itch! Everything You Didn’t Want to Know About What Makes You Scratch

by Anita Sanchez, illus. Gilbert Ford P/b pre-order RRP$19.99 ages 8+

Everybody gets itchy, and every kid will love this title that scratches the itch to know more and about the history, anatomy, botany, biology behind it. Perfect for fans of Grossology books looking for something more substantive and dynamic. Combining history, anatomy, laugh-out-loud illustrations, and even tips to avoid—and soothe—the itch, Anita Sanchez and Gilbert Ford take readers on an intriguing (and sometimes disgusting) look into what makes you scratch.

See Inside Genes & DNA

by Laura Cowan, illus. by Neil Clark, pub. Usborne Books, Board Book pre-order RRP$19.99 ages 7+

What are genes? What do they do? How did DNA make everything? Budding scientists meet genes and DNA, the building blocks of all life on earth. Colourful illustrations, plenty of flaps, and lots of silliness, make the hard science of genetics fun for kids who want to know more.

A Fact for Every Day of the Year

by National Geographic Kids pub. HarperCollins, pre-order RRP$24.99 ages 7+
Be amazed and astounded with a new fact every single day of the year. Did you know that red-eyed tree frogs have three eyelids? That candy floss was actually invented by a dentist?
With 365 fascinating facts on everything from animals and nature to science, space, the world and more.

A Year of Nature Craft and Play: 52 Things to Make and Do

by Becky Goddard-Hill, Collins Kids, Catherine Hughes, pub. HarperCollins, P/b RRP$24.99 ages 7+
Filled with crafts, gardening, games, art and science activities for children aged 7 years and up that are budget-friendly and will entertain all year round.
From Spring sunflower challenges to Summer mandalas, Autumn conker craft to Winter pine cone decorations, it will inspire children to get creative with nature!


Lastly, a fiction book series around STEM for the over 8’s.

Izzy Newton and the S.M.A.R.T. Squad: Newton’s Flaw (Book 2)

also see  Izzy Newton and S.M.A.R.T. Squad: Absolute Hero (Book 1)

When school mishaps happen, five friends form the S.M.A.R.T. Squad and use their collective skills and the power of STEM to bring order to their school. Join Izzy Newton in the second adventure of this fun new fiction series, where science reigns supreme.

With their first mystery solved and first-day jitters triumphantly behind them, Izzy and her pals start to settle in to the normal day-to-day at Atom Middle School. Izzy even works up the courage to try out for an all-boys sports team! Things are going well until a mysterious illness threatens to shut down the media centre–and maybe the entire school. Can the girls pull together to solve the media centre mystery? Will their STEM smarts help them rock the science fair? Or will Izzy Newton’s flaws mean the end of the S.M.A.R.T. Squad?

Plus, learn more about the real science behind the fiction and meet some amazing real-life scientists.

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