Margherita Missoni Launches Kids’ Line

We chat to Love Little Big and Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos about their collaborative new kids range.

My hope for this brand is to nurture a creative instinct in children, offering them the same freedom that I was so lucky to grow up with. Because of the infinite possibilities of mixing and matching, both children and parents can choose whichever garments they like and never go wrong. It’s all about nurturing expression and individuality – anything is possible.

What inspired the Margherita Kids collection?

I’ve always been drawn to children’s clothes, but, of course, the birth of my first baby boy, Otto, was a huge source of inspiration and the last push that I needed to choose this new direction for my career. He has been the best learning experience I could ever have wished for. It’s only after Otto was born that I realised most childrenswear is designed by people who actually don’t have children – and that truly translates into the products. Sleeves are too small for arms; buttons are too small for the buttonholes. That’s when I started getting the rush to create a collection for children that would allow them a freedom of movement, but also a freedom of choice. I want children to express their creativity by choosing their own clothes – and that’s why I didn’t create any perfect matching outfits. The new range is designed so everything can go with anything and mixing and matching is encouraged.

margherita-kids-collectionWas the collection designed with a particular theme in mind?

With the kids collection, I am creating my own brand which is rooted in my background and inspired by my life experiences. The things I’ve seen, the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been. In this first season I went back to my trip to Bali and reworked their traditional batik prints, but I mixed them with some very classic children’s fabrics, such as seersucker. The silhouette is a contemporary take on the ’60s, as I find it a very child-friendly era from that point of view.

Who is your range for (age group)?

The collection is for baby boys and girls (0-2) and for girls (up to 10).

What pieces can we find in the Margherita Kids collection?

It’s a collection of real children’s clothes that adults wouldn’t wear. These are playful pieces, designed with children in mind.

Top 5 key pieces in the collection?

I like all the pieces in the collection. Each has a special meaning to me, often bringing back memories of my own childhood. That being said, I adore the daisy print pinafore apron dress. I’ve always had a thing for aprons – I love their retro vibe. My favorite piece from the collection must be the boy’s striped knit with the centre pocket. I love classics with an edge, whether it’s in a colour contrast or in a little detail. And the baby girl fish print romper.

Thanks Love Little Big and Margherita Maccapani Missoni Amos for chatting to us about your new kids range. Love Little Big are the first bloggers to shoot the Margherita collection in Australia, featuring their beautiful daughters Emmy & Estelle.

Interview by Jenna Templeton / Styling by Love Little Big / Photography by My Little Tribe / Additional Photography by Tierney Gearon

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