Passion ART Parties Caravan

Mum Runs Art Parties From Magical Travelling Caravan

A passion for art led this mum to turn her maternity leave into a bustling side hustle, hosting art parties inside her retro-renovated caravan.

Tell us a little about who you are and your family.

My name is Bec, I’m an Art Teacher at Shelford Girls Grammar, Caulfield, currently on maternity leave. I live in Cheltenham, I have a husband, Dave, who is great with the boys while I’m caravanning on the weekends. two boys aged ten months (Samuel) and three years (Jack). I grew up in Malvern and have always lived in Melbourne.

What were you up to before Passion ART parties?

I worked at Shelford as the senior school art teacher. I’ve always been around kids, my parents used to own an indoor play centre for kids, I did Year 10 work experience at a child care centre. I grew up with foster kids staying at my house almost every weekend, I hated seeing them so sad. I knew I wanted to work with children in some way and make them happy.

How did the idea for Passion ART Parties come about?

I have always run mobile art parties, and used to work for a holiday program running art workshops. Since we had the children, we decided we would invest in a caravan, because I love camping and spontaneous holidays. I then decided to paint the caravan, because it was a yucky brown colour, from there my idea just grew bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. Once I get an idea, I have to pursue it and give it 100%. I love going to birthday parties, I love camping and I love art, so for me, it’s really the perfect job! So in between breastfeeding and napping my newborn, I would go out and paint the caravan, think about my dream job and plan for the big adventure ahead. It was tough but I knew what the rewards would be later on.

Why a caravan?

I’ve always wanted a space to run my art parties, they are unique and inspiring for kids and I wanted to reflect that in a creative space too. A caravan is a great way to get the kids away from reality, their homes, and take them into a world of creativity where they feel safe and happy!

What was it like preparing the caravan?

Hell!! My poor husband was stuck inside with the kids all day whilst I sacrificed my family time to build my empire!

Where do you get the ideas for activities?

I’m an art teacher, so I’m constantly thinking of new ways of making and creating. I spend a lot of time researching art history, gathering information from people, places, and more importantly look at what kids are into these days.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

Hands down juggling family and this business at the same time. I’m gone most weekends, so it’s up to my husband to hold the fort. It’s tricky as the kids are only little, but I love what I do and I just make sure we do fun activities during the week and make family time a priority during the time that I’m home.

Bec Saunders and family

What’s your next big goal for Passion ART Parties?

I’m so keen to build this concept and grow it so I can give the different pockets of Melbourne this wonderful opportunity to have parties for their kids. I can see myself creating different themed novelty caravans that kids will be excited by. Watch this space …

Do you go on caravanning holidays even though you commandeered the caravan?

Yes we just returned from two weeks at Rosebud. The caravan was set up on the foreshore and the four of us stayed in it. It was great! So much fun, although, the flowers, leaves and bright colours everywhere were a bit too exciting for my baby who was very overstimulated when trying to sleep. I love that it can transform back when we are not using it.

Bec Saunders’ travelling arty caravan offers creative art workshops for kids at markets, corporate events, school fundraisers and family events and celebrations in Melbourne. Find out more about Passion ART Parties on their website.