Nature Mini Mag

Nature Mini Mag

Say hello to our updated CHILD Mini Mag – Nature . Did you know we create regular mini- mags? You can totally read them on your phone. Neat, right?

Some of my fondest childhood memories have taken place in the great outdoors. Days were spent scavenging and collecting natures’ beautiful treasures from fossils, oddly shaped rocks to cicada shells and pretty blooms.

At primary school, lunches were spent making daisy chains with my friends, and Girl Guides taught me how to live off the land and learn life skills like surviving in the wild.

Those days felt long, and anything felt possible. Today it seems kids give all their attention to technology, thinking that they have ‘ultimate fun’ at their fingertips. If only they knew!

So this season…and every season after that, we encourage you to get the kids outside to explore and make friends with nature – who knows what they’ll find. Happy exploring – don’t forget your compass!

Our Mini Mag – Nature is filled with lots of inspiring tips and stories to get the kids exploring the outdoors; from keeping chickens, dressing up as an Ewok, to whole-food parenting and sustainable living features, plus much more.

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Happy reading!