Not coping with schooling at home? Perhaps a tutor is required

Struggling to keep up the interest in home schooling your kids? You are not alone! Even Schools struggle to cover all content in the Australian Curriculum under normal circumstances.

Instead of engaging a cleaner your might feel less stressed with a home tutor during these COVID-19 isolation times! It could be worth it, even if you just get help with a subject you are not interested in (like maths) some tutoring might help with the guilt of not covering everything the teachers send home to be done.

The Australian Home Tutoring Association suggest that you ask the following questions before engaging a tutor for your child:

Child Protection

  1. Have you been screened for child-protection purposes? If not, why not?
  2. If yes, by whom and when? Can I see your paperwork?
  3. Where are the tutoring sessions held?

Education and Experience

  1. Could you tell me about your qualifications and experience?
  2. Do you have a university qualification in the field of education?
  3. What is your awareness of the requirements of the Board of Studies in this State?
  4. How long have you been tutoring/teaching this subject?
  5. Do you have satisfied clients I can call and ask about your tutoring?

Resources and Materials

  1. What resources and materials do you use?
  2. Will there be an extra charge for any resources or materials?

Programs and Reports

  1. Do you follow a set program of study or curricula?
  2. Do you write programs of study so that I know what and how you intend to tutor my child?
  3. Will there be additional out-of-hours work expected of
    my child?
  4. How often will I get verbal/written progress reports?
  5. If my child is not meeting your expectations, how will
    I know?
  6. If my child asked you to do their assignment for them, what would you do?

Payment and Receipts

  1. What form of payment do you expect?
  2. Will I be given a receipt for any payments I make?
  3. What is the total cost of tutoring?
  4. If my child cannot or does not want to continue tutoring, will there be any cancellation fee or other charge applied?


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