Parents relieved by investment in energy in the recent Australian Budget but more needs to be done

The Australian government recently released its federal budget (2023), and a group called Australian Parents for Climate Action (AP4CA) has responded to it. They are happy to see new funding for smart, long-term energy solutions that will help households and social housing reduce their costs. However, they are also concerned about the government’s continued support for industries that contribute to climate change.

AP4CA believes that clean and efficient energy solutions are the best way to reduce energy costs for families, but they think that more needs to be done to ensure that all homes have access to affordable, clean energy solutions. They are disappointed to see the government still supporting industries that harm the environment and contribute to climate change, such as the fossil fuel industry.

In a survey of households conducted last year, AP4CA found that 95% of respondents wanted the government to help them be more energy efficient at home to manage the rising cost of living. They believe that investing in clean energy solutions is not only good for the environment, but also good for families’ finances in the long run.

The Australian Parents for Climate Action group represents over 17,000 parents, grandparents, and carers from across Australia, and they are the leading organization for parents advocating for a safe climate.

The federal budget includes $1.6 billion in new spending to reduce the cost of living pressures and cut greenhouse emissions. This includes $300 million for electrification and energy upgrades for social housing, $1 billion in new funding for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to offer financing for low-income households and small businesses to adopt solar, storage and electric upgrades, and $310 million in tax deductions for small businesses that invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency measures.

Overall, AP4CA is happy to see the government investing in long-term energy solutions that will help families and reduce greenhouse emissions. However, they believe that more needs to be done to ensure that all households have access to affordable, clean energy solutions and to reduce support for industries that harm the environment.

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