Recipe: Annie’s ice cream pudding

Annie’s ice cream pudding

Prep time: 15 minutes plus four hours freezing

Cook time: nil

Serves: 6-8


4 cups (1 litre] good quality vanilla ice cream

1 cup (125g) frozen raspberries

1 Cup (140g) Vienna (toffee) almonds roughly chopped

1 cup (80g) roughly chopped chocolate coated honeycomb

Mixed berries and apricot coulis to serve


  • Take the ice cream out of the freezer to soften. Linea 6 cup (1.5 litre) pudding bowl or glass bowl with plastic wrap, overhanging the side.
  • Tip the raspberries, chopped nuts and honeycomb into a mixing bowl. Gently fold in the ice cream. Spoon the mixture into the line bowl and smooth the top. Freeze the pudding for at least 4 hours, then turn it out and serve it in wedges with the berries and apricot coulis.

Around the Kitchen Table

by Sophie Hansen and Annie Herron, pub. Murdoch Books, pb. RRP$39.99

Written by food writer Sophie Hansen and her mum, art teacher Annie Herron, it celebrates the joy and sense of satisfaction that comes with preparing a simple meal to share, pencilling a sketch or making a jar of jam to give as a gift. Perfect as a gift for the holidays season.


Christmas Star Decorations

I love my collection of ‘grandchildren’ stars on the Christmas tree and every year there is panic if one has gone missing or being taken home the previous year as a souvenir.

The kids each look for their own star it’s the first thing they put on the Christmas tree and they love seeing their little faces hanging up there even as they’re getting older.

Buy some wooden stars from a discount or craft store bracket make sure they have a hole for hanging]. Paint each star or trace a star onto the coloured paper cut it out and glue the paper onto the star glue a photo on age star of the kids one of your favourite people or even your pet add some stickers or sequins tie ribbon on the top of the star and hang it on the tree. Annie