Stay active in lockdown for your mental and physical health

Everyone can find something in this new initiative for exercising at home during lockdown

As schools and most other aspects of life have moved to the home due to persistent lockdowns, it has become more difficult, yet no less important, for kids (and adults) to keep active. PCYC NSW has launched the Stay Active series, acknowledging that regular exercise is essential for both our mental and physical health, even when limited to the home. PCYC NSW hopes to encourage frequent activity in a fun and engaging way via free, short YouTube videos, replicating sports and activities typically hosted by the clubs.

The uploads so far include a gymnastics challenge, easy dance routine, cartwheel tips, flexibility exercises and drills with a fitness ball. Each mini class is straightforward, simple and integrates tools and props lying around the house, like soft toys. Examples below:

The PCYC Stay Active series is a great way to inspire and keep kids engaged in their fitness and involve the whole family. There are additional strength and core workouts that target an adult audience.

PCYC NSW‘s latest lockdown initiative – the Stay Active series.