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Danielle Aalders reflects on giving birth by caesarean when this was not part of her plans. When I found out I was pregnant, I stated to anyone who would listen that I did not want to have a caesarean. I was quite emphatic about it. I...

  Linda Gallo and  Shelley Wilkinson are concerned too many people are relying on “pink” multivitamins. Growing a healthy baby relies on getting enough nutrients while pregnant. But rather than following a healthy diet to provide those nutrients, we’re concerned too many people are relying on “pink” multivitamins. These...

Fearing a tsunami of hospitalisations for RSV-related pneumonia and bronchiolitis, experts are calling for a Nationwide infant RSV immunisation program. What is RSV? Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) is a common virus that can cause severe lung infections like pneumonia and bronchiolitis, particularly in young children and the...

A recent study from the Molly Wardaguga Research Centre at Charles Darwin University has revealed that private midwifery programs in Australia provide better outcomes for mothers and their babies compared to the national average. This could be exciting news for prospective parents considering their maternity...

A new study hopes to find out, reports researcher Dr Elena Schneider-Futschik, Medications for cystic fibrosis are currently only approved for children over two, but new research aims to guide the safe use of treatment during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Just five years ago, starting a family was...

When Elizabeth Kenyon is pregnant with her third child, things do not go according to plan. My husband and I were very smug when we conceived our third child, as it happened exactly when we’d hoped. The ideal timing made up for the fact that in...

A new sibling can start as a threat but end as a friend, writes Sarah Cameron. Imagine your husband comes home from work one day with another woman. He introduces her to you and explains that she will be joining the family from this day forward....

Karleen Gribble, Naomi Hull and Nina Jane Chad report that it’s sooner than you think! Parents are often faced with well-meaning opinions and conflicting advice about what to feed their babies. The latest guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends formula-fed babies can switch to cow’s...

Some women’s breasts can’t make enough milk, and the effects can be devastating. Researchers Renee Kam and Lisa Amir explain why. Many new mothers worry about their milk supply. For some, support from a breastfeeding counsellor or lactation consultant helps. Others cannot make enough milk no matter how...

 It’s rare for a significant period of time to pass before another debate about breastfeeding takes place in the media, writes  Alison Bartlett The latest is about Comedian Arj Barker. Some of the highest authorities have said breastfeeding is okay, even in the Sistine Chapel, as...