Aussie Mums Helping Other Mums: Innovative Solutions Transform Lives

Through their entrepreneurial journeys, two mothers have inspired many and demonstrated the profound impact that one person’s idea can have on the lives of countless others.

In a heartwarming tale of ingenuity and determination, two Aussie mums are revolutionising the lives of other mothers with their innovative products, providing much-needed solutions to common parenting and health challenges.

Elysia Krstevski and the Portable Milk Warmer

Elysia Krstevski, a Melbourne mother of two, found herself in a difficult situation during the Covid-19 lockdowns. With her first child, she battled breastfeeding challenges such as mastitis and the difficulties of pumping milk. One rainy day, while grocery shopping, she realized she had no way to heat her daughter’s milk and couldn’t breastfeed due to the pain. This moment of frustration led her to create Meke Baby, Australia’s first portable milk warmer.

Launched in April 2023, Meke Baby (RRP Meke Baby Milk Warmer $185) allows parents to warm breastmilk, formula, cow’s milk, or water anytime and anywhere without needing any additional equipment. The device uses a temperature control processor to heat liquids slowly and accurately, preserving the nutrients and antibodies in breast milk. It can retain heat for up to nine hours and is charged via USB Type C, making it exceptionally convenient for parents on the go.

The product quickly gained popularity, attracting major retailers and distributors and transforming Elysia’s side hustle into a thriving six-to-seven-figure business. Meke Baby has already received numerous accolades, including the AusMumpreneur Product Innovation Award 2023. Elysia is expanding her product range (Meke Baby Twist $54) and will launch in the UK in 2024. She also started a podcast, A Double Life, to support other women and address taboo topics in parenthood.

Jesse Gamble and the Breast Eez Pillow

Jesse Gamble, a mother of three and former hairdresser, faced severe discomfort from breast surgery and mastitis while breastfeeding her third child. The pain made it impossible for her to lie on her tummy or enjoy massages, which she relied on to manage back pain. In response, Jesse created Breast Eez (Breast Support Pillow RRP$129.95), Australia’s first breast pillow designed to alleviate discomfort for women with breast sensitivity.

Breast Eez, launched in November 2022, features a unique design with a hole in the middle, allowing women to lie on their tummies comfortably. The pillow is available in two versions: a softer pillow for relaxation and a medical-grade pillow for firmer support. Both are made from high-quality Next Generation Visco (NGV) memory foam. The relaxation pillow has a 100% cotton cover, while the medical-grade pillow is made from antimicrobial, hospital-grade material.

The product has been widely adopted in massage, physio, osteo, chiro, and beauty clinics, providing relief for women undergoing various treatments. It won the national SHE-Com Award for Women’s Self-Care and has significantly improved the comfort of many women, including those recovering from breast surgery or dealing with breast sensitivity.

A Shared Mission of Empowerment

Elysia and Jesse’s stories exemplify the innovative spirit and determination of Aussie mums who are dedicated to making life easier for other mothers. Both women turned personal challenges into opportunities to create practical, life-changing solutions. Their products, Meke Baby and Breast Eez, not only address common parenting and health issues but also empower women by providing the tools they need to navigate motherhood with greater ease and confidence.

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