Tale of Eczema

Tale of Eczema

One in three young Australians are affected by eczema, and answering your children’s queries about the condition can lead you down a rabbit hole.

A new children’s book, Elliot’s Meditotz Adventure, helps kids understand and get to grips with the itch-and-cream routine. It’s written by doctors and supported by the Eczema Association of Australasia Inc.

“The cartoon nature of the educational story-book means I have been able to teach my son why his skin gets dry, itchy and red, as well as being able to show him how his daily general skin measures (moisturiser, soap-free wash and bath oil or short lukewarm showers) form a complete approach to help him enjoy all his daily superhero adventures,” says dermatologist and Australia’s leading researcher into atopic eczema, Associate Professor Saxon Smith.

Saxon is father to Elliot, the five-year-old hero of the story who lives with eczema. The book is available for a limited time as a free resource and can be downloaded.

Words by Lana Al Habl / Photography by Bady Qb