Why puzzle books and activity kits are great for ‘bored kids’!

Explore boredom busters and educational activities to unlock the power of play in learning —and spend some unplugged time together as a family.

Keeping kids learning outside of the classroom can sometimes be a challenge, but you can promote active off-screen engagement —both at home and on the go— with educational brain games and puzzle books for kids. Perfect for the holidays too!

Activity books are jam-packed with word searches, logic puzzles, illustrated mazes, and other brain teasers that extend classroom learning in a fun and captivating way. Not only do they reinforce key curriculum topics, but puzzle books are great for boosting critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Here are some of our best picks

The best puzzle books and activity kits for Kids

If you’re looking for an interactive puzzle book your whole family will love, try the best selling I Spy…books such as …Spooky Night, …Treasure Hunt, …Mystery Animals (available from Bookshops and online). I SPY books feature stunning collections of picture riddles with challenging fun for children in kindergarten to third grade. Everyone in your family will enjoy joining in for unplugged time together!

Children are guided by clues and rhyming riddles and challenged to search and find hidden objects scattered across each page spread. This can build their observation skills, memory and visual learning, helping them better understand the world around them.

  • Watch the reading of I Spy…Little Animals on YouTube.

Where’s Wally books and others similar have been around for many years. You can also find the Where are You personalised series that you need to purchase these in advance. You can then have them with your child or children’s names included (from Wonderbly). Other suggestions are the popular Melissa & Doug Spy and Animal Games for ‘On The Go’.

Books under $10

These are available everywhere, but some are better printed than others. Look for ones such as Brain Games for Clever Kids (ages 8-11) and Kids’ Book of Sudoku (or similar). Also, connect the dots, Reading and Maths practice books or similar all build skills, and most are available from larger Supermarkets.

Creativity and Science Kits

Express and celebrate imagination through creativity with Klutz Kits. Primarily for ages 3-12yrs, they are packed with a love for crafting and exploring, sparking creativity for all ages. There are lots of sewing-type kits marketed towards girls, such as friendship bands and headband designs. You can also search for Klutz science kits such as the Junior My Steam Lab Color Science Experiment Kit or Sew Your Own Circuit Art Science Kit (ages 10+). The kits come with very clear instructions and all the materials needed to get started.

Engaging in educational brain games, puzzle books, and activity kits provides a fun and effective way to keep kids learning outside the classroom. These resources reinforce key curriculum topics and enhance critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Unlock the power of play in learning through exploring such activities together as a family.

So, enjoy these unplugged suggestions and dive into these boredom busters to explore the adventure of learning beyond the school walls.