The perfect cleaning partner for families: Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO wet and dry Vacuum Cleaner

Spills are a part of everyday life, especially for families with young children. But cleaning up on hard floors no longer needs to be a chore! Tineco, the global floorcare leader, has introduced the perfect solution for effortless cleaning with the Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO wet and dry vacuum cleaner. Combining both wet & dry vacuum functions, it can not only vacuum up dry dirt and debris, but also mop your floors with fresh water to remove any wet messes.

The FLOOR ONE S7 PRO is equipped with a number of features that make it the top choice of vacuum cleaner for families.  Leading the way is its balanced-pressure water flow system that uses fresh water to easily deep clean tough and sticky messes. This means that you can clean up even the messiest spills.

The FLOOR ONE S7 PRO also has an intelligent self-cleaning system for effortless maintenance and ensures maximum performance in every use. So you don’t have to worry about manually cleaning the vacuum, saving a lot of time and effort. The self-cleaning cycle of the vacuum not only deep cleans the brush roller and tube, but also deploys centrifugal drying to effectively remove water from the roller and prevent mould and bacteria from spreading.

With up to 40 minutes of runtime, you can clean large areas without worrying about recharging. High-capacity water tanks, coupled with strong battery power and Tineco’s advanced iLoop™ Smart Sensor technology detects messes and automatically adjusts the suction power, roller speed and water for optimal cleaning results while also improving battery runtime.

Its patented SmoothPower bi-directional self-propulsion system intelligently detects your movement and provides assisting power to make pulling or pushing the vacuum easier. This makes it easy to manoeuvre around furniture very easy.

The FLOOR ONE S7 PRO has a dual-sided enhanced edge cleaning system that ensures that no mess is left behind, especially when manoeuvring around baseboards and hard-to-reach corners, giving you a comprehensive cleaning experience.

Finally, FLOOR ONE S7 PRO also has user-friendly 3.6″ LCD screen that allows you to select different cleaning modes, receive guidance, and view real-time status. The Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO can be purchased from Godfreys for A$1,299.


~~~~~See the new Tineco FLOOR ONE S7 PRO in action here.


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