Woo-hoo! The future of teaching worth celebrating

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) launches its 10-day #BrightFuture campaign. It will culminate on Friday 29 October, the day Australia celebrates World Teachers’ Day, 29 October 2021

The community and teachers are encouraged to post a photo in their sunglasses on social media on the day to thank teachers and celebrate the bright future of teaching.

Eddie Woo WTD 2021 ambassador (1)One of Australia’s most famous teachers, Eddie Woo, is the campaign ambassador.

“Teachers pour themselves out every day to support children and students. Being engaged in work that is so rich in purpose is its own reward, but it is even better knowing that the community you serve recognises the impact of what you do. To me, having a dedicated moment to signal that recognition is what World Teachers’ Day is all about”, Eddie Woo said.

“As part of the campaign, AITSL is aiming to collect 1 million virtual apples to thank teachers across Australia. I love numbers, so as part of reaching 1 million apples, I’ll share some interesting numbers about teaching in Australia. These will highlight the vital role teachers play in our community”, Eddie Woo said.

AITSL is also helping schools and teachers to get involved, recognising that remote learning may still be in place in some schools. The campaign website www.worldteachersday.edu.au makes it easy for schools to celebrate the #BrightFuture of teaching, including a virtual photobooth, celebration kit, and the million apples game.

“There is a positive correlation between the way teachers are perceived and student performance. However, we know from a 2019 study by Monash University that only 29 per cent of teachers felt that the Australian public appreciated them”, AITSL CEO Mark Grant said.

“World Teachers’ Day on Friday 29 October is the perfect chance to thank teachers for the incredible work they do. It’s also a day for teachers to be proud of the work they do, especially in the face of the ongoing challenges caused by COVID-19, keeping students safe and learning”, Mark Grant said.

Today, AITSL also released its latest evidence summary, Celebrating Early Childhood Teachers. The Spotlight report highlights the critical role of early childhood teachers and the benefits of investing in early childhood education, with studies indicating returns of two to four times the cost (arising out of improved employment prospects, health benefits and reduced costs associated with criminality).

“Early childhood teachers play a key role. Launching this report as part of our World Teachers’ Day campaign encourages Australia to thank all teachers”, Mark Grant said.

Read the Spotlight report at here