15 Family Fun Staycation Ideas

15 staycation ideas to help stay away from screen time and get your family fun back these holidays:

  1. Take a day trip. Look for fun places to go two hours away from home.
  2. Go fruit picking. It’s a great way to educate the kids on where food comes from.
  3. Become a tourist in your own town. Pretend you’re a visitor and plan a day out.
  4. Explore local walking trails. You see so much more when you’re on foot.
  5. Camp in the backyard. Kids love sleeping outside.
  6. Create your own resort at home. A buffet breakfast, spa experience and colourful drinks are easy to rustle up.
  7. Have theme nights. Dress up, decorate and cook as though you were at your favourite holiday destination.
  8. Go outside when it’s night with a torch and explore. Download an App for watching the stars (e.g. StarMap 3D+) and look at the shapes they make; see how we get the Star signs.
  9. Visit a local airport (big or small)- there is always some designated parking place to watch the planes take off and land.
  10. Catch or watch a train. Make the whole process a learning experience from start to finish!
  11. Eat an early dinner outside in your garden. Let the kids set the menu and the eating area.
  12.  Find a new park out of town. Take a picnic lunch. Search for ‘Best Playgrounds in {your town}’
  13. Make a small theatre and organise a puppet play. A table tipped sideways and decorated toilet rolls is a simple easy puppet.
  14. Have a ‘beauty day’. Hair plaiting, nail painting,  dress-ups  -followed by a fairy picnic in the garden.
  15. Go on a nature hunt. Give out paper bags with a list of age appropriate things to find/collect on the front. Give little surprises to be found along the way to give an incentive.