18 ways to keep kids busy when stuck at home

Looking for ways to entertain the kids during the months when the weather might be a little too warm/cold/raining or you are just keeping them at home for any length of time?

We have a wealth of ideas already on our website and we have added a few more!

Indoor Activities for when you are stuck inside

Karoline Gore shows you that you can  get a lot out of indoor play from imaginative play and charades, to other activities that can promote life skills while also providing a source of fun, there are many ways to keep your active kids busy when they’re stuck inside that doesn’t mean sitting in front of a screen.

Crafts:18 ways to keep kids busy when stuck at home

1) A good starting point, when you have your kids at home for longer than you planned, could be a creative nook or craft corner to inspire them to get making, so we share some tips for putting together a fun art and craft corner in your home.

2) Download our Kids Activity Mini Mag and see all the jammed packed craft and drawing activities to keep the kids happy and entertained.

3) Crafting and art work can be very rewarding for children on many levels, says clinical psychologist Renee Mills. It can help you connect with your kids by just spending time with them. Why not try some at Easter?

4) You cannot go past having home made playdough ready in the fridge see our DIY Playdoh recipe and hints or for more recipes see

5) We also have some great ideas for edible playdough fun with many ways you can use it!

6) How about looking at toys that kids can make by themselves (with a little help)?  Every parent has seen it, the ‘must-have’ toy your child has begged for arrives at their feet and they pay more attention to the box it came in. Jenna has found some really awesome toys your kids can easily make themselves.

7) A simple toy car mat can provide hours of fun for a small child. The Crafting Chicks make it easy for you to make this and many other ideas for youngsters.

8) Home schooling websites can provide plenty of ideas for keeping kids busy, whatever their age if they are at home for a while. Making books can be fun for any age. Use them for scrapbooking, journals, drawings, photos or artwork.

9) Slimy-goop? We have just the recipe for hours of fun (and perhaps a little mess!) Super easy to make, looks AWESOME and no matter what age you are, there is always something fascinating about goop! For kids – it feels amazing in their hands, but for parents, well, we just want to know why it is all through the house!

10) Our Childmags Pinterest board has collated some other great ideas for you. From sponge paintings to a make your own ‘fidget spinner’.


1) If you’re going to ask your children to participate in an activity with you then you might as well ensure they get something out of it, says Karoline Gore in her article Indoor Activities for When Your Kids Are Stuck Inside

2) Who needs a list of activities that will get the kids outside into nature a bit more? We have two! 18 Nature Activities for Kids  and Trail Mix

3) If you have restless kids and are looking for a way for them to let of steam INDOORS?  How about Simon Says or an indoor snowball fight with paper balls?

4) Happy Hooligans on Pinterest, holds loads of home school ideas. Could be helpful if you have kids home for a lengthy period.

5) Hold a play around a theme or something from TV. Get them all dressed up! Our Dress up ideas might help!


1) Kids love to make a mess in the kitchen so why not have fun at the same time? Just a few ideas that are a little different Biscuit Decorating

2) Let the kids develop their creativity by using icing to decorate biscuits or cupcakes. Use our edible playdough recipe.

3) Why not expand on our Christmas toast art theme and try some other toast art ideas

Other ideas:

• Check for age appropriate movies for kids if you are planning on letting them watch pay TV with ACCM’s comprehensive guide

• Search ‘Home Schooling’ or similar

• or look for online tutoring such as Kumon and  Cluey Learning if you have a child home for a while and don’t feel comfortable teaching them yourself.

• Officeworks should have a range of items suitable for home schooling including craft and educational items