7 DIY Photobooth Backdrops

7 DIY Photobooth Backdrops

We’ve collected some super cool diy photobooth backdrops to make your party (or wedding) cooler than your average bear. 

Photobooths at parties are probably one of my favourite features of the post-Pinterest world. Seriously, how great is it to get your crew together and pose for awesome images, it adds a whole new dimension to celebrations.

Now that most people have phone cameras that take better pictures than, well most digital cameras, it’s so easy to just pop up an awesome backdrop and let your guests do their thing! These ideas would also work perfectly for behind a bar or dessert table.

1. There are approximately a million DIY balloon backdrops out there, but it’s crazy how cool this Memphis style one looks. This post also has lots of great tips on how to create the backdrop and working with balloons in general.

Via Oh Happy Day


2. We love this fairy bread inspired backdrop and not just because our very own Jenna Templeton created it. What a star. And seriously, can you think of anything more Aussie than a sprinkle backdrop? Perfect for a Summertime Christmas party. Love, love, love it.

Via DIY Kiosk


3. And combining the previous two, we have a balloon sprinkles backdrop. Which looks a little tricky but is so worth the effort. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up from us.

Via Oh Creative Daypaper-daisy-photobooth-backdrop

4. Paper Daisies? Yes please! Any child of the 90s is going to dig this crafty backdrop. It’s cheap, relatively simple and the best part – you get to break out the glue gun. Can I get a hell yeah?

Via The House That Lars Built 


5. I really love this carnation backdrop because finding a big plain wall isn’t really that easy to do at most locations, and the light is also way better outside which is great for taking awesome photos.

Via A Practical Wedding diy-leaf-backdrop-almost-makes-perfect

6. This DIY leaf backdrop is seriously genius, you could literally wander around your yard with a scissors and source all the material. Cheap and super easy are two of my faves. That makes me sound terrible – but it’s true.

Via Almost Makes Perfect


7. And for a seriously simple backdrop you could always try paper plates, these ones are painted but with all the cool designs now available, you may not even need to go that far. How effective does it look!

Via Be Crafty Workshop 

Words by Barbara O’Reilly