Australia’s first mini excavator park for kids invite them to ‘name the nine’!

Dig It calls on the kids of Australia to “name the nine”

In a move that will thrill kids across the country, Kate Keegan & Sam Maccoll from DIG IT is officially inviting kids to NAME THE NINE excavators, with the creators of the chosen names becoming DIG IT’s first official & original Construction Crew – and the proud owners of an annual pass!

Name the Nine HERE

“DIG IT is the place for kids to gather and work, they will be the operators of these amazing machines, so it’s only right that the kids of Australia get to name them,” said Kate. “So kids can understand a bit more about our new nine mini-excavators, we have spent some with them and below is an outline of each of their personalities.”

Kids wanting to enter their name can do so here, with entries closing on May 26. An official naming ceremony will be held the week following!

The Nine To Be Named

  1. The Determined Digger: This excavator never gives up, always striving to complete the task at hand. It’s focused, driven, and persistent in its efforts. What should its name be?
  2. The Energetic Explorer: This excavator is always on the move and loves to explore its surroundings. They are enthusiastic, adventurous, and always looking for the next challenge. What should its name be?
  3. The Confident Crusher: This excavator is self-assured and confident in its abilities – it’s assertive, decisive, and not afraid to take charge. What should its name be?
  4. The Entertaining Excavator: This excavator is a bit of a show-off but always gets the job done. It likes being in the spotlight, taking on the big jobs and making all the others laugh. What should its name be?
  5. The Careful Cruiser: This excavator is meticulous in their work and takes great care to ensure everything is done correctly. They are patient, methodical, and precise. What should its name be?
  6. The Collaborative Constructor: This excavator is a real team player and works well with others to achieve their goals. They are communicative, empathetic, cooperative and loves working in a crew. What should its name be?
  7. The Resourceful Rover: This excavator is skilled at finding solutions to problems and making the most of the resources available to them. They are innovative, adaptable, and resilient; they are great to have on a crew because they think creatively. What should its name be?
  8. The Crew Captain: This excavator is confident, assertive, and likes to take charge. It’s a natural leader who can be counted on to make quick and effective decisions.What should its name be?
  9. The Efficient Executor: This excavator is incredibly efficient and gets things done quickly and effectively. They are organized, focused, and always looking for ways to streamline their work and achieve their goals. What should its name be?

For more information on what will be THE PLACE TO BE for kids in Queensland, visit the Thunderbird Park Dig It website

DIG IT – Thunderbird Park – Tamborine Mountain Road, Tamborine Mountain, Queensland

2-hour sessions – $45 per participant. BOOKINGS  on their website or call 1800 00 DIGIT