COVID 19 Emergency Response Guide for Employers: How families are being impacted

Parents At Work have put together a COVID 19 Emergency Response Guide for Employers – it’s a short guide on what organisations need to consider and actions you can take to maintain a secure and productive workplace for both employees and for business – particularly for vulnerable employees and those caring for family, who will be the most challenged.

How families are being impacted:

  1. Parents now need to more closely monitor their children’s health more than usual – and are keeping them home from school immediately if they appear unwell.
  2. Many parents may now need to be working from home with children in their care, making the usual juggle even more challenging.
  3. Carers are worried about the elderly, ill and vulnerable who are unable to adequately care for themselves – with self-isolation and other health requirements being stepped up.
  4. Most managers are unfamiliar with managing remote teams and need support with their communications and managing their team’s priorities.
  5. Employees with suspected COVID-19, or who are being tested for COVID-19, may experience guilt or anxiety if there is an impact on their team.
  6. Children need positive reassurance – employees may need help with planning work and a structure to their days so that kids adjust to a new work and care routine.

For the full report download the guide COVID 19 Emergency Response Guide for Employers