COVID-19 making you stressed? Then try a little Karma – its free

The Karma Class

If you are finding that being at home and trying to be a teacher to your kids is becoming very stressful, Beth Borowsky, the founder of The Karma Class , decided to launch an online platform designed to bring her tools bringing calm to the classroom into your home.

Beth is a leading expert in working with schools to create classroom programs through yoga-based movement, breath and mindfulness while helping to reduce anxiety in both kids and teachers.

How it works

The program will provide classes by video of breathing exercises, mindfulness activities and yoga classes designed for kids from 1.5years plus family tips to remain calm, healthy and strong. There will be a variety to choose from.

The premise is to give parents and their kids the tools they need to remain calm, healthy and strong during these tough times.

The Karma Class : Access will be free for as long as it needs to be given the current climate.

Beth Borowsky completed a Masters program in early childhood education, was a Montessori preschool teacher and course creator for Australian Curriculum Enhancement. She is a mum, yoga teacher and a kids and adult yoga teacher trainer.

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