DIY Pirate Treasure Map Favour Bag

DIY Pirate Treasure Map Favour Bag

Ahoy Maties! Thinking of doing a pirate theme for a kids’ party? These easy to make favour bags will also keep the kids’ entertained.

You’ll Need:

Brown paper lunch bags
Chocolate gold coins
Small wooden pegs

How to make a Pirate treasure map favour bag

Illustrate a treasure using your backyard as Inspiration for the hunt and print it directly onto brown paper lunch bags.

You’ll want to add some gold coins to these bags. You can never have enough gold. Close with a peg.

When making the map and putting together your treasure hunt you will need to consider:

First things first. Where be the treasure? If you have a spot outside where you can bury a box that’s perfect – but wherever you hide the treasure you’ll need some landmarks on your map to help the pirates find their way.

Mark out a starting point on your map and a first clue – the idea being they get to the first landmark and solve the first clue to lead them to the second landmark and second clue and so forth.

Mix up the type of clues: word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles etc.

To make your map and clues look authentically piratey, draw with black ink on white paper and then carefully hold a match to the edges. (STOP: But you must get a parent to help you with this bit.) Don’t go getting all pyro – you just want to singe the edges. If you hold the flame under the paper so it’s nearly touching you’ll get a nice aged effect. Maybe burn just a tiny little hole here and there.

Tip: You can also get the aged effect using tea, but personally I prefer the match method.

For a large group of kids, divide your pirates into teams and away they go.

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Images by Lauren Bamford