DIY Tissue-Paper Tassel Garland

DIY Tissue-Paper Tassel Garland

Hanging tissue-paper tassels from a length of twine is a fun way to brighten up a child’s room. Even better, this whole project can easily be completed in an afternoon!

You’ll Need:

Tissue paper in various colours

How to make a tissue-paper tassel garland

Fold one piece of tissue paper (around 50cm by 70cm) in half lengthways, then in half widthways.

Secure the tissue paper along the long folded edge with paperclips.

Using your scissors, cut the tissue paper into small strips around 2cm wide, starting at the unfolded edge and leaving the last 5cm uncut before the paperclipped edge.

Remove the paperclips and unfold and open out the tissue paper fully. Fold the tissue paper in half so that the strips run along both sides.

Continue folding in half until your tissue paper is around 8cm wide. Roll the uncut section of tissue paper tightly, keeping the strips of tissue paper free on either side.

Twist the rolled section around to form the loop at the top of your tassel. Hold the loop tightly in one hand and twist the body of the tassel around several times – the tassel should now hold together. Repeat steps above steps until you have a collection of tassels.

Thread completed tassels onto twine and hang your finished garland on display in your room.

Tip: If you don’t have paperclips, then you can skip this step – they’ll just help keep the tissue paper in place while you cut. Thin wrapping paper can be used instead of tissue paper to make your tassels. Tie your garland to each end of a curtain rod, or tape the length of twine from one wall to another.

Try this! Using twine, hang a few tassels underneath a paper lantern. Use metallic cellophane instead of tissue paper for shiny, eye-catching tassels.

Dream Create Inspire BookSophie Splatt is a Melbourne-based writer, children’s book editor and craft-maker. She runs a successful craft business, and has a passion for all things homemade.

This pretty tissue paper tassel garland is featured in Dream, Create, Inspire by Sophie Splatt published by Five Mile Press.





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