Explore Australia’s unique sights in an unusual way these holidays

Now that school holidays have begun, families can take part in ‘mini-escapes’ from home.

Tourism Australia has launched a new series of immersive videos that explore Australia’s unique sights, sounds and textures with 8D audio*. Start planning your next adventure in Australia with the colour-inspired experiences!

Australia is a vast landscape and even though we may be unable to travel to see our unique sights we can dream of where we want to go for our next trip on a ‘mini-escape’ video.

The six videos are themed by colour – blue, red, magenta, green, black and white – to evoke a range of feelings and emotions and showcasing the visual diversity found in Australia.

The videos can be viewed on and Tourism Australia’s YouTube channel.

  • Blue: A moment of joy for water lover. From the deep blue ocean, and the contrasting blue skies and red desert, the calming nature of blue landscapes leave travellers feeling peaceful, tranquil, and secure.
  • Red: A moment of escape for adventurers. From the fiery red earth of the Red Centre, to the vast outback, blistering sunsets, and ruby red merlots, to be surrounded by red allows travellers to experience the power of a destination, and the passion of the people.
  • Magenta: A moment of freedom for romantics. Australia is home to some of the most magnificent sunsets, that allow this hue to invoke a delicate balance of soothing mystery to ensure any getaway is unforgettable.
  • Green: A moment of relaxation for nature lovers. Getaways to green environments help relax and revitalise travellers. Research shows that the colour green allows people to feel refreshed, healthy and tranquil.
  • Black: A moment of inspiration for creatives. Visitors can immerse themselves in Australia’s expansive night skies, and hidden museum rooms to fuel their creative inspiration.
  • White: A moment of calm for minimalists. Visitors can experience a fresh start across Australia from Snowy Mountains in winter, to the salt plains of Lake Eyre.

*About 8D Audio 

8D audio is a sound engineering treatment that, when the viewer wears headphones, makes the music and effects sound like they’re coming from different places for an immersive experience. Viewers should wear headphones for maximum effect. 8D audio fools the brain into believing it’s hearing and experiencing the sounds firsthand in three-dimensional space, increasing the credibility of the virtual experience.