Five Designs Included in This FREE Affirmation Cards Pack for Kids

Five cards. Five affirmations.

This pack of kids’ affirmation cards from Shutterstock consists of five cards. Each card contains a cute animal illustration accompanied by an affirmation.

I Am Loved

I Am Loved Affirmation
Troubles or no troubles, remind them that they are loved.

When kids run into trouble at school, it’s easy for them to think they’re alone. In those instances especially, remind them of how loved they really are. Feel free to give them a big koala hug while you’re at it.

I Love Being Me

I Love Being Me Affirmation
The uniquely patterned kitty symbolizes their own individuality.

This one is illustrated with a cat hugging herself while looking in the mirror. Notice that her fur pattern is unique—a message for your kids that everybody is beautiful in their own way.

I Believe I Can

I Believe I Can Affirmation
Have them make a list of their desired achievements.

Encourage your kids to believe in themselves, like a fledging learning to fly. Mix things up by asking them to say specifically what they’d like to achieve.

For example, “I believe I can do this homework. I believe I can ride a bicycle.” Remind them, too, that it’s okay to fail.

I Am Brave

I Am Brave Affirmation
Kids have to be brave on a daily basis. Help them with this affirming lion-themed card.

This affirmation is illustrated with the king of the jungle—but look how cute he is! Allow this friendly lion to teach your kids that being brave doesn’t mean being vicious.

I Am Kind

I Am Kind Affirmation
A cute, cuddly dinosaur will bring out the kindness in any child.

Use this card to help instill kindness in your kid’s heart. After all, everyone can be kind—even a dinosaur!—and it has nothing to do with what’s on the outside.

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