Handcrafted Nursery

Gemma Patford’s Handcrafted Nursery

Melbourne maker and handcrafter Gemma Patford shares her daughter Dusty’s nursery with CHILD Magazines.

Whose room is this?

Dusty Priscilla Patford Legge

How would you describe the style of Dusty’s room?

Airy, roomy, bright, fresh and young

What’s Dusty’s favourite part of her room?

The floor! Haha!

Dusty's Hancrafted Nursery on child mags blog

What’s your favourite piece in Dusty’s room?

My brother made her a wonderful wooden play gym. She goes nuts in it – kicking and barking! It’s decorated with beautiful hanging toys from Dear Plastic and Laura Blythman.

Dusty's Hancrafted Nursery on child mags blog

Do any of the pieces include family heirlooms?

Yes. When I was a little girl, I went fishing with my dad. We caught a huge fish and Dad had it stuffed and mounted. It was a wonderful memory, so I wanted to have those loving vibes in her room.

Dusty's Hancrafted Nursery on child mags blog

Did you include any handmade or DIY elements?

Of course. My mum’s a keen knitter; she knitted Dusty the most beautiful pastel grey baby blanket for her crib. Her bed sheets were handmade by Al from Mr Draper; the pyramid style shelves were handmade by Jem from Like Butter and Dusty has been so spoiled in the handmade toy department!

Dusty's Hancrafted Nursery on child mags blog

What were the main challenges you faced in creating this space?

The size. We had to fit in the pyramid shelf, a nursing chair, a wardrobe and a change table into the space without it looking too cluttered. We kept it to one item per wall to keep it looking clean.

What was your best budget friendly buy?

The IKEA natural crib – it’s beautiful and a bargain.

Dusty's Hancrafted Nursery on child mags blog

Play Gym Toys Dear Plastic + Laura Blythman / Pyramid Shelves Like Butter / Crib Ikea / ’60s Tessa Leather Armchair + Chest of Drawers Thrift store / Plants Mr Kitly / Cupboard eBay / Taxidermy Fish (caught by) The Patford-Legges / Baby Bed Linen Mr. Draper / Shibori Throw Bind | Fold / Toys + Books Gemma and Duncan’s Childhoods / Custom Watercolor Portrait of Family Cat Olly Dawn Tan / Weaving Maryanne Moodie

Gemma Patford, 33, lives in Melbourne with her husband Duncan and daughter Dusty, 4 months. You can see her amazing collection of hand painted rope vessels and décor on Gemma’s website and shop. Keep up to date with her latest collections and workshop events via Instagram and Twitter.

Interview by Jenna Templeton / Images by Gemma Patford