How To Make A Gender Neutral Dollhouse

How To Make A Gender Neutral Dollhouse

Boys and girls will love making this gender neutral toy playhouse in just 6 steps. (Parental supervision required.)

Medium-sized cardboard box
Rolls of pattern gift wrap or paper
Lead pencil
Stanley knife
Glue stick
Craft glue
Medium hand-sewing needle
Cotton thread

How to

1. Open top of cardboard box and place on its side with the longer side on the bottom, and the open part facing you.

2. Cut off the two side lids of the box, then cut off the entire top section – it’s easier to cut from the inside. Ask Mum or Dad to help with this step. The remaining bottom lid will make part of the floor of the playhouse.

3. Place your chosen paper on the table face down, and place the box on its side. Draw around the side of the box side with a pencil. Cut out paper. Repeat this step for the other side, the bottom and the back of the box.

4. Put glue on the inside walls of the box. Glue paper onto each side, the bottom and the back of the box to make the playhouse wallpaper.

5. Use a ruler to draw 6cm x 6cm-sized squares in the middle of both sides of the box and the back. (Hint: If you measure them 6cm up from the bottom of the box it will make it easier for small toys to poke their heads out the window!) Ask a parent to cut out the squares with a box cutter to make the playhouse windows.

6. To make the curtains, cut fabric into 6cm x 6cm pieces. For three windows you will need to cut six of these. You may like to choose different fabric for different windows. Cut a 30cm piece of thread, tie a double-knot in the end and thread cotton into sewing needle.*

Accordion-fold fabric, holding the top together with your fingers. Run the needle and thread through the top of the fabric.

Sew running stiches back-and-forth through the pinched end to secure, tie a knot and cut off extra cotton. You now should have one side of a window curtain. Repeat this step five times until you have six curtain sides.

Stick fabric curtains onto each side of the box playhouse windows with craft glue. Hold each down, pushing in to box for a few seconds to allow glue to dry and stick.

Tip: Use the cut-off pieces of cardboard to make a roof or furniture.

* Instead of using a needle and thread to sew curtains together, try using a stapler.

Words by Jenna Templeton