How To Sew A Tiny Doll

How To Sew A Tiny Doll

Keep the kids’ entertained for a few hours with making their very own tiny doll.

‘Baby in a Pouch’ is an activity you can do with your kids if they’re a little older, or make yourself for younger children to enjoy. Inspired by a comment that kids love to put things in and out of other things, Trixi created this little doll in a pouch that’s small, soft, and easy for little hands to hold and play with.


Sewing needle
Cotton thread
Black marker
Toy Stuffing
Fabric wadding

How to

To Make The House

Cut up four pieces of fabric into these dimensions. (Kids may need help with this). The base of my “house” is 15.5cm, the sides are 5cm high, and a line drawn straight up from the middle of the base to the highest point of the “roof” is 11cm.

I’ve used different materials for contrast and a thin piece of wadding to give the pouch a nice spongy feel and a bit of thickness.

Note: When you sew the four cut-out pieces of your pouch together make sure that you sew them in the order shown below.

Tiny Doll Steps

When you turn your pouch inside-out make sure that you turn the top layer of material over the other layers.

Making the doll

Cut two rectangle shaped pieces with curved ends using the calico. Draw a face on one side of the calico.

Lay shapes on top of each other with doll face, facing up. Sew the two calico pieces together and add stuffing as you go.

Make a felt dress for your doll – keep it snug around doll by tying ribbon around the felt dress to secure around the doll.

Pop her in her little fabric house – to keep her warm.

Make the baby blanket from the felt.

This ‘baby in a pouch’ DIY craft activity was originally posted on coloured buttons blog by Trixi Symonds, but you can get the step-by-step instructions plus template in her book Sew Together Grow Together: Sewing Projects for Parents and Children, which also includes a bunch of other great projects.

Words by Trixi Symonds

Guest Contributor