Kitchen Garden Program Information Sessions and recipe for parents

At this information session, suitable for parents and carers across Australia, we will introduce you to pleasurable food education and how it can benefit your child and their peers.

Sign up for a free information session, where common questions about how to start a Kitchen Garden Program in your school or early childhood service will be answered.

Kitchen Garden Program has just renewed partnership with Saputo Dairy Australia and they’re celebrating with a collection of 10 smoothie recipes!

The work of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation is only made possible with the continued support of our partners, like Saputo Dairy Australia. Saputo create a wide range of high-quality dairy, including cheese, milk, cream and other cultured dairy products. You’ll probably recognise their brands such as Devondale, King Island Dairy, Liddells, Mersey Valley and Sungold.

The Kitchen Garden Program has created our best smoothie collection yet! Sip & Slurp celebrates dairy hits of yoghurt, milk and lactose-free products blitzed up with colourful, seasonal delights.  There are 10 recipes to choose from to make in your kitchen class or serve up as an after-school pick-me-up like Lactose-free mango lassi or Peachy green smoothie.

Download the the Saputo Smoothies Recipe Booklet_2024