Mums And Kids Matter

A brief introduction to this important program launched by the NSW Government to help young mums living with mental illness.

Mums and Kids Matter is designed to support mothers struggling with mental illness by providing stable housing close to mental-health and rehabilitation services. It is intended mothers will be able to receive treatment in the community while also being able to stay with their children.

The program will be delivered by Wesley Mission.

At Mums and Kids Matter they understand that your mental health condition is something you are living with. It’s not what you’re all about. When you participate in the program, Wesley partner with you to achieve the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

Whether you’re a mum, dad, carer or referrer, here you will find the information you need  on the Wesley website to discover more our unique program and entry process.

NSW Mental Health Minister, said mothers with a mental illness are at risk of parenting difficulties, social isolation, poverty and homelessness, which in turn increases their children’s risk of developing health and social problems.

“Few groups are more vulnerable than young mums living with a serious mental illness,” he says.

“We don’t want mums to be separated from their children and sent to hospital when they can receive care in the community, with their family. This program will give more women that chance.”

Words by Sheshtyn de Souza

Guest Contributor