Quick Style Hacks to up Your Game

Now that the back-to-school rush is over, it’s time to address your own uniform – how are you going in that department? We have some simple outfit hacks that will help you update your current wardrobe – without costing a heap. Enjoy!

The Fresh Kicks

Ok, so not every mum wants to rock Adidas Superstars but a regular addition to your ‘Quick Style Hacks to up Your Game’ regardless of your style, should be fresh sneakers! They are going to funk up just about any outfit. I am a fan of the white shoe, Adidas, Converse, Vans, Nikes…they’re all good. But if you’re not willing to kiss goodbye to parks that have bark instead of soft fall, then you may want to go for another colour.

style hacks for mums
The Chunky Accessories

A plain white tee and skinny jeans can be taken to a whole new level if you invest in some cool jewels + bag. We are huge fans of colourful beads, wooden studs, bright clutches and chunky bracelets around here. I mean, who can look boring in a set of killer leopard skin bangles? Not you.

style hacks for mums
The Fold and Cuff

You know those people who wear basically the exact same outfit as you but somehow look insanely cool? Yeah them. Firstly, we are sure that you look amazing too, give yourself a wrap! And secondly, are they tweaking said outfit a bit? Have they rolled up their jeans to that perfect length? Are their cuffs folded just so? Is their maxi knotted at the side? Have a play around with flattering pant lengths, shorter sleeves and a knot here or there. See if it makes a difference?

erniekhairinaThe Kimono

Ok, so this is my fave hack of all time, the humble kimono. Whenever you feel a bit plain or have puke on your shoulder; a funky kimono (and some perfume) will lift the look. I have a ridiculous collection and without them I would simply be walking around in a chesty singlet and jeans every day. They also look awesome with these easy wearing dresses.

The Third Piece Rule

So basically this means that if you’re wearing an outfit that consists of two things (distressed skinnies and a white tee, am I right?) then you need to add a third piece. Ok, so ‘need’ is a strong word but basically if you want to go next level, it’s advised that a scarf, statement necklace or perhaps a jacket around your waist will help your cause. Handy right?