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themed family movie nights for lockdown mode

Your guide to the ultimate family movie night (or day) when in lockdown mode.
Now we dont want to encourage more screen time – definitely not- but there might be a time you need to change down the adrenaline and try for some quiet time!
Here are three suggestions for themes but there are lots of others depending on the age group: James Bond; Classic novels (Oliver, Little House on the Prairie…)

Family Movie Night Picks90s Night

Dress Code: Scrunchies, PJ’s with TV characters on them, side ponytails, roller skates, thick pale foundation and make sure you roll your socks down, you know what I’m talking about.

Menu: Um, cereal straight out of the box, fun packs obviously! Poptarts, this awesome slice and a Milkshake of course.

Set the scene: Turn down the lights, build a pillow fort, spray some sickly-sweet body spray around the place and make sure there’s a bug zapper going off in the background. If you have Care Bears, Ninja Turtles or My Little Ponies then they should totally be invited too.

Family Movie Night PicksWinter Night

Dress code: Beanies, gloves, thick socks, ear muffs and a nanna blanket.

Menu: Coco Pops hot chocolate for the kids, Hot Toddies for the adults and toasted marshmallows all round. And make sure to hydrate also!

Set the scene: You may want to lower the heater or crack a window so no one passes out from all the layers. Hell put a fan on, get into it! Also, decorate the room with paper snow flakes if you’re feeling crafty.

Family Movie Night PicksAnimal night

Dress code: Leopard print, animal ears, masks, safari suits… you get the gist.

Menu: Maybe make this one vegetarian? Animal cookies, jelly snakes and hot dogs.

Set the scene: Bring the pets inside, get everyone to grab an animal toy and if you’re game, set up a tent in your lounge room to watch it from. Binoculars are also a great idea.

Words: Barbara O’Reilly / Illustrations: Jenna Templeton / Photo: Unsplash