Top 10 Fictional Kids of All Time

In celebration of their 9th anniversary, What To Do With The Kids has taken on the monumental task of selecting the top ten fictional kids of all time from television, movies and books.  Superheroes and wizards are not included since they have extraordinary powers and abilities.

These characters may not be in the public eye now, but they are memorable as kids you would have liked to have or to be friends with as a kid yourself.

  1. Bart Simpson, The Simpsons (1998 – present)

He mooned the doctor during his mother’s sonogram, he’s constantly calling Moe’s Tavern and asking for joke names and has had some of the most popular catchphrases ever such as “don’t have a cow man.”

  1. Arnold Jackson, Diff’rent Strokes (1978 – 1985)

Gary Coleman played Arnold and along with his brother Willis were taken in by millionaire Phillip Drummond.  His catchphrase “whatcha talking ‘bout Willis!” remains popular today.

  1. Kevin Arnold, The Wonder Years (1988 – 1993) 

Fred Savage’s portrayal of Kevin Arnold gave us a glimpse into what it was like growing up in the 60’s and 70’s in “Anytown, USA.”

  1. Charlie Brown, Peanuts  (1950 – present)

This lovable loser finds himself and his friends in a number of situations.  Unfortunately, he has never kicked a football.

  1. J.J. Evans, Good Times (1974 – 1980)

Jimmie “JJ” Walker played J.J. and always had the funniest lines growing up in inner-city Chicago in the 70’s.  His catchphrase “Dy-no-mite” was seen on t-shirts everywhere.

  1. Alex P. Keaton, Family Ties (1982 – 1989)

Michael J. Fox portrayed Alex P. Keaton, a teen Republican born to Liberal and hippie parents.

  1. Richie Cunningham, Happy Days (1974 – 1984)

Ron Howard played Richie Cunningham, the clean-cut, straight as an arrow teen in 1950’s Milwaukee.

  1. Eric Forman, That 70’s Show (1998 – 2006)

Played by Topher Grace, Eric was a teen growing up in the 60’s and hanging out with his friends in his parent’s basement.

  1. George McFarland, Our Gang/Little Rascals  (1922 – 1944)

Played by George McFarland, Spanky eventually became the leader and “ideas man” of the Our Gang comedy program of the 1930’s that is still seen in syndication today.

  1. Kevin McCallister, Home Alone (1990) 

Macaulay Culkin portrayed Kevin, a young boy who is forgotten at home by his parents when they go away on vacation.  While alone, creatively, fends off two burglars.

Honorable Mention:

Huey/Dewey/Louis, Walt Disney.  These triplets love to get into trouble which usually means driving their uncle Donald crazy.

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