Treat Yourself So You Don’t Hate Your Partner

Why taking time for yourself is good for your relationship. 

Last month I had been tentatively planning to head off to Byron Bay for a weekend. I planned it for a really long time, I booked some tickets to a charity night that lots of my friends were going to, I told my hubby, wrote it on the calendar, researched flights and then quickly convinced myself that I didn’t really need to go.

You know how it goes, self-sacrificing mum decides to go without something that she knows is entirely possible and that she has been looking forward to forever. And for no good reason at all.

Anyway, I had this realisation that if I didn’t go I would regret it, and that it would make me resent my husband when he headed off for a snowboarding trip the following month and I really didn’t want that to happen.

Because it’s not my husband’s fault I don’t give myself permission to do these things.

He deserves to go snowboarding with his mates once a year, hell he deserves to go snowboarding as often as we can make it happen.

But most of all, he deserved to not be resented when he treats himself, and the only way I can make sure that doesn’t happen is if I let myself have a bit of fun too. So I made sure I also got a massage when I was in Byron. You know, so I could be a better wife.