Imagine Treating Yourself As Well As You Treat Your Kids

Kids are spoilt right now.

And they should be, the level of care that your average Aussie parent is currently achieving is nothing short of wonderful. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule (that need to be addressed ASAP) but as a nation, we have some pretty good guidelines and cultural expectations. Snaps to us!

What excites me though is the new trend rearing its head right now. And it’s all about self-care for parents. I am LOVING it! All the self-love Instagram posts have me imagining a world where I treat myself with the same gentle hand that I do my kids. And it’s pretty fab!

Let’s start with food

In this world, I would never walk out of the house with an empty stomach. I would have a nutritious breakfast in my favourite bowl (nothing else will do) because I know that a Tim Tam and a twice microwaved cup of tea isn’t adequate sustenance. My bag would be full of healthy snacks in case I get peckish and my water bottle would always be full.

Of course I would also make sure my bento box was packed with a balanced lunch, which I would eat well before the hangries arrived. We all know that I get cranky when I’m hungry! And dinner would absolutely never be half a bottle of red.

Now onto excess stimulation

I know how I can get a bit overwhelmed when I don’t get any down time, so I always make sure that I reject any after-work invitation that is likely to send me into a tailspin. Screen-time would be limited to sporadic, quality entertainment and of course avoided an hour before sleep.

And the bedtime routine

A nice calming bath, some clean pj’s, a snuggle with a loved one and a good book; all happening at a nice early time to facilitate the ten hours sleep I need to function at my best. And don’t forget the sleepy-time music. Yes, this life is really working out for me right about now.

What about the clothing?

I have a blanket ban on anything impractical that could inhibit play. Rough materials, tight jeans, and any footwear that is heavy or has a heel. Hell, I’ll even cut the tags off my pj’s. I can’t be having anything scratching me. 

Don’t forget the praise

This one is a tad harder to imagine as adults don’t usually praise each other for finishing their meals and you know, dressing themselves. But I do like to be the change I want to see in the world. So when my friends arrive on time or really nail their parallel park, I actually clap with glee. No small feat goes unpraised and the goals I set myself are both achievable and celebrated with a nap.

Ahh, this is the life.

Words: Barbara O’Reilly / Featured image: The 5th