Vax on time app

Life with kids is so busy that it can feel like anything that doesn’t absolutely have to happen right now, isn’t going to happen at all. Planning ahead is a luxury many don’t have when life is a blur of work, family and home commitments.

That’s why we are letting you guys know about the Vax on Time app – it takes the legwork out of keeping on top of your kid’s vaccinations and making sure they are up to date.

The app tracks which vaccinations your kids have already received, which ones they still need to get and when they are due. It will send you reminders in lead up to the due date as well as help you locate an immunisation provider, make an appointment and let you know when your local council is running immunisation sessions.

Getting your kids vaccinated on time, every time means they get the best protection and cuts their risk of being exposed to vaccine-preventable diseases before they get their vaccinations.

Some vaccines, like the one for rotavirus, must be given before a certain age or they cannot be given at all.

So, while we’re not at the point where the Vax on Time app can actually give your kids their vaccinations, it can handle just about everything else! Giving you one less thing to worry about, and giving your family the best protection it can get.

Available on Apple & Android.

VaxOnTime is an initiative of the Victorian Government. If you have questions about vaccinations, please ask your GP or Maternal and Child Health Nurse. To learn more about immunisation and get insights into local parents’ perspectives, visit Immunise Melbourne 

Words By Immunise Melbourne / Image by: Noah Silliman

Guest Contributor