Why Are Role Models like Taylor Swift so Important for Children?

When a child has a positive role model, they are likely to engage in constructive actions like the person they look up to. 

When it comes to role models for kids, Taylor Swift is probably not the first name that springs to mind. After all, she’s a pop star famed for her catchy tunes and teen love songs—hardly a shining example of moral fortitude.

As Taylor Swift wound up her Australian Eras Tour, she had sold over 620,000 tickets. Her Worldwide Eras tours is said to have grossed over US$1.04 Billion in ticket sales. The highest grossing tour ever.

Yet, if you dig deeper and look closely at Taylor’s life and work, there’s more than meets the eye. She’s an inspiring beacon of strength, creativity, and perseverance who shows you can achieve whatever your heart desires with enough hard work and determination.

  1. She Is a Strong Advocate of Female Empowerment and Encourages Young People to Be Confident in Their Own Skin

Taylor Swift has become a beacon of hope for today’s youth, inspiring confidence and female empowerment. She has done wonders in encouraging young people to pursue their dreams, no matter the obstacle or outside pressure. And she lives by this philosophy: when haters hate, she just shakes it off with a smile and keeps marching on.

Her message of self-acceptance and courage helps young people everywhere feel like they can be unapologetically who they are. In our fast-paced world filled with uncertainty and judgment, Taylor reminds kids that they are all worthy of love and success in whatever paths they choose.

  1. She Stands Up for What She Believes In and Gives a Voice to Social Causes

Whether speaking out against sexism or standing up to corporate bullies, Taylor has been an inspirational example of what it means to fight for something you believe in.

Swift is also vocal about giving a voice to those without one, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to charities  supporting social causes. She has also used her platform to bring attention to certain issues, such as LGBTQ rights, animal welfare, and environmental protection.

With these acts, Taylor is proving to young people that everyone has the power to make a difference and create change. She shows us that it’s possible to stand up for what we believe in and use our platforms for good.

  1. She Is a Positive Influence in the Music Industry

Taylor Swift has had an undeniably large influence on the music industry. She has written and released songs that are inspiring to young people while also pushing back against outdated notions of what it means to be a successful female artist.

Her songwriting often reflects her journey, telling stories of heartache and strength in the face of adversity. She has also done her part to challenge the status quo and break industry standards.

For example, she fought against a corporate music giant to ensure fair compensation for artists, proving that anyone can stand up for what’s right!

  1. She Makes a Point to Connect with Her Fans

Taylor regularly posts on social media and arranges surprise meet-and-greets, making every fan feel special and appreciated.

She also has an open-door policy—she often responds to fan mail, assists those in need, and gives back to her community in countless ways.

Her willingness to go the extra mile for her fans is truly inspiring and speaks volumes about how much she cares about them.

How Taylor Swift’s Miss Americana Documentary Is Encouraging Young Creatives to Write Music

Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary Miss Americana is not just a presentation about her life story; it also provides inspiration for young creatives across the globe.

The film documents the pop star’s journey to stardom—from writing country songs in her bedroom as a teenager to becoming one of the world’s most recognized artists.

By showing her hard work and dedication to her craft, Taylor reminds viewers that creating music comes from within. Her candour onscreen encourages young creatives to keep pushing forward, regardless of the distance between their bedroom and their dreams of superstardom.

After all, if Taylor Swift can do it, so can young kids with a passion and dedication for music.

Because of her influence, Taylor Swift is inspiring young people to find their voice and use it. Whether through her music, activism, or documentary, she’s showing the world that anything is possible if you work hard for your dreams! She has been an inspiration for years and will continue to be for many years.

In the world we live in today, Taylor Swift’s influence and contributions serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for young people everywhere.

She is a role model who not only encourages creativity but also shows us that it’s possible to use your platform to make a difference and create change.

Her journey proves that hard work truly pays off, inspiring others to find their voice, stand up for their beliefs, and never settle for anything less than the best.

Originally posted in 2023 in Parent Porch.