10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Your Child

If Rory and Lorelai’s relationship is your parent/child goal, these tips can help get you on the right track.

Building a good relationship and understanding your children better can be beneficial for everyone. Here are some ideas that might help:

1. Express and demonstrate unconditional love and acceptance to help them feel important.

2. Be aware of your child’s level of development. For example, trying to reason with a three year old may be unrealistic.

3. Develop healthy and consistent boundaries. Consider when you’re making rules how you will enforce them.

4. Play is essential for a child’s development. Your children will love it if you can spend a little one-on-one time with them each day.

5. Show an interest in their activities and praise them for good behaviour. A good rule of thumb is: six praises for every reprimand.

6. Rethink talking about adult topics in front of your kids. Discussing topics like court battles, finances and divorce may be troubling for them.

7. When your child is being challenging, try to listen to their feelings and offer them strategies to deal with their problems.

8. Remember, when you least feel like giving your child a hug is when they probably need it most.

9. Repeat back to your child what you believe they are feeling. Let them know, “I hear you”. This helps them know you’re listening, gives their feelings value and helps them understand and control emotions.

10. Trauma, such as a death, violence or bullying, can have long-term impacts on a child and changes in their behaviour can be a sign of stress. Seek help from your GP, school counsellor, child psychologist or play therapist if you’re concerned or the behaviour continues.

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Words by Marisa Chilcott

Guest Contributor