17 great articles to help you find the right school for your child

From finding the right childcare, then organising the next phases of their schooling. It’s a marathon for many. Can you find the right school for your child? We’re revisiting 17 of your favourite articles to help parents on their challenging quest for the best school for their family.

There are so many choices to look at such as location, religion and educational philosophy

Have you moved home or relocated or need to change your child’s school?

You need to do a lot of research it seems if you are changing your child’s school.

Book Review:

Are You Ready for School? Trust, Collaboration and Enquiry Between Parents and Teachers
by Andrew Oberthur, Amba Press RRP$34.99
Experienced Primary School teacher, Andrew Oberthur’s book covers the transitioning from kindergarten to primary school including making sure your child is ready for school and the important partnership between teacher-school-and parent. Full of tips, insights and current school related topics, it is available online or contact Amba Press