5 Chic and Durable Design Ideas for Your Child’s Room

Just because you have kids running around the place, leaving a trail of toys behind them, is no reason to sacrifice your dreams for a stylish-looking home to the mountain of plastic play-things.

With these simple kids decor ideas, you can have a classy-looking abode that is also well-organised, fun, and durable.

1. Paint a section of wall with blackboard paint to give your kids a creative outlet without ruining your paint job. Be sure to condition your blackboard wall before use by rubbing it all over with chalk and dusting it off. This will prevent the chalk from permanently marking the paint and will make your wall last much longer.

Blackboard paint in a child's bedroommariekke.fr // Pinterest

2. Fix magnetic knife holders to the walls of your kids’ room to hold small metal toys like matchbox cars. As well as being a great way to display their collection, it also keeps them up off of the floor where they’re likely to be lost or tripped over.

Just Real Moms // Pinterest

3. Reversible quilt covers can give you more life out of your linens and your design scheme. Pillow Talk has released a collection of quilt sets for kids designed by mums to fit in with the whole home’s decor, but high quality to last kids well into their double-digits. The individual pieces are designed to coordinate with each other, making styling rooms with multiple beds and personalities a breeze. The collection also includes cushions, rugs, lamps, and more.

Pillow Talk KIDS collectionPillow Talk

4. Create handy containers for toys, art supplies or toiletries by covering old food cans with decorative contact. Wash cans thoroughly and soak in soapy water to remove any labels before laying out a section of adhesive. Roll the can across the sticky surface to help line it up properly and squeeze out any pockets of air.

Chasing Foxes // Pinterest

5. Mount a pegboard on your wall to create a functional and decorative space that adapts as bub grows. Early on it can be used as a handy console for change-table necessities, but later repurposed as an excellent way to store and organise craft supplies.

Project Nursery // Pinterest

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