8 encore articles for the start of the school year

Every year we have the opportunity to review and remind ourselves of what is needed to prepare for the start of the new school year.

Some great articles from our archives will cover most of what you need to review!

  1. Firstly, is your child ready to start school? We have a ready-for-school checklist downloadable here.
  2. One mother is unsure if her daughter is ready to start at big school. Is she too young?
  3. Leanne Torres is as anxious as her daughter for her first day at school. It’s a milestone to remember for both of them.
  4. Clinical psychologist Renee Mill explains that the apprehension many children feel about starting a new school year can be relieved by following simple strategies. Read her suggestions about helping to ease your child’s school anxiety.
  5. Not thinking about school until it is time to return is one way to enjoy the last week of the holidays. But for some, this can make going back to school more difficult. Ease your kids back into school mode early!
  6. Hear from a mother who found her worries about getting back into the school routine were unfounded when the time actually came.
  7. You should consider having your child’s eyesight checked regularly as they progress through school. Eye testing is important as young kids don’t know if their eyesight is not as it should be – they never complain!
  8. Lastly, a timely reminder from the Road Safety experts that you should run through the road safety rules if your child is young.