8 Gifts Teachers Actually Want For Christmas

8 Gifts Teachers Actually Want For Christmas

Not sure what to get your child’s teacher for Christmas? We asked some teachers what is on their wishlist at the end of the year – and what not to get them.

It can be hard to decide what to gift your children’s teachers for Christmas. It’s these kinds of gifts that can often be left to the last minute or forgotten until the second last day of school – which often results in a quick trip to the local supermarket to buy … a box of chocolates!

You would think that a box of chocolates would be welcomed by anyone, but it can be a bit tricky in the education system when scores of families have the same idea! Same goes for candles, hand cream, and those trusty mugs and magnets declaring ‘World’s Best Teacher’.

Our children spend a staggering 195 days a year or more with their class teachers. So wouldn’t you prefer to show your gratitude with a well-thought-out gift in return for the time they have spent looking after and educating your child?

We have put together some gift ideas that teachers will love.

1. Personalisation

The best gifts ever received have always been those that you can tell someone has put a lot of thought into. The giver has taken the time to find out the likes, hobbies, and interests of their recipient. The good thing for you is that you have your very own ‘little undercover agent’ who can easily throw a few questions at their teacher before the gift-giving season and help you gather enough information to find the perfect gift.

2. Handmade

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like a handmade gift. Why not throw a crafternoon and have your children make a Christmas decoration, jewellery, artwork, or card for their teacher?

3. Gift Vouchers

Let’s get this straight – everyone loves gift vouchers! You can buy them anywhere, it takes the guesswork out of deciding what to get, and you know the recipient will love it. They also come in a variety of options like shop or department store gift cards, restaurant vouchers, and pre-paid money cards. Gift cards of all types are widely available at supermarkets.

“One year, a parent collected money from all the class and gifted me an EFTPOS card with the gifted donations on it.” – Julie

4. Favourite Beverage

Remember how we said that teachers look after your children for about 195 days a year? I’m sure they would be in need of a drink come holidays! Help them to relax with their favourite beverage in hand by getting them a six-pack of beer or some quality wine. If you know they don’t like to drink alcohol, some nice coffee beans or a selection of herbal teas would also be welcome.

“The best gift I’ve received was when all the parents from my class purchased a beer from a different country and a snack to go with it.” – Alain

5. Subscriptions

These are the gifts that keep on giving! How about gifting your class teacher a subscription to their favourite magazine or a TV streaming service for a few months?

6. A Treat For The Whole Family

Teachers often have families of their own too. While their partners and kids are probably quite happy to eat their share of the chocolates, other ideas like movie passes or zoo and sport event tickets could be enjoyed by them and their whole family.

7. Keep It Storage Friendly

I’m sure you have been gifted a proverbial white elephant in the past – something you ended up struggling to store, maintain, or never got around to using! That’s why the gift of plants can be a nice idea. Your teacher will enjoy seeing it grow and could be a welcome addition to their garden. If you’re not sure they have a green thumb you can research a hardy variety that’s easier to maintain.

8. A Class Gift

The number one gift loved by all teachers is one that has been a collective effort! Each child can pitch in a small amount of money which can go toward buying a generous gift card or significant present for the teacher. This is a budget-friendly option for all families, and teacher gets a chance to splash out on something they really want!

Was this list helpful? They are sure to come in handy for the festive season and birthdays.

Words by Jenna Templeton // Photography by Brooke Lark