Christmas Toast Art For Kids

Christmas Toast Art For Kids

Make Christmas morning a breakfast to remember with these festive toast art ideas.

Whether my parents liked it or not, having fun with my food has been something I’ve enjoyed since childhood. Be it a cool plate or my…rainbow veggie food-mash (mixing all your meal contents together).

Clearly, creativity can be explored in all forms.

Even my dad liked to join in on the fun, often making faces with our meals, using vegetables to make eyes and hair, or a nature scene with fried eggs and baked beans.

Just quietly, I’m still playing with my food – loving everything bento and coming up with lots of fun lunchbox ideas. (Keep your eyes on the blog for more on this soon!)

The holidays are a great time for all those breakfast favourites like pancakes and fry-ups, so why not make something special during the lead-up to or on Christmas day with these festive toast art ideas?

How to make Christmas toast

You only need just a few ingredients to make these Christmas toasts. Most of which I’m sure you already have on-hand in the kitchen. And make sure to get the kids involved! It’s a great way to get them interested in cooking.

Christmas Toast Art For Kids

Santa Toast

Spread a layer of peanut butter onto the toast, use blueberries for the eyes and raisins for the nose. Slices of banana come in handy for Father Christmas’ beard and hat pom-pom. Triangle strawberry halves make up Santa’s bright red hat.

Frozen's Olaf Toast art on child mags blog

Snowman Toast

Any Frozen fan will love this little snowman that looks a lot like Olaf!

Coat the toast with honey (helps the other ingredients to stick together!). You can either use crumbled feta, cottage cheese or a thin layer of icing sugar, (if you’re making French toast), to make up the snowman. Place small (head) and medium-sized (body) circle cookie cutters on the toast to use as a template for the snowman. Fill the cookie cutters with your chosen ‘snowy’ ingredient. Remove the cookie cutters and you have a snowman shape! Use strawberries to make the scarf and nose, pretzel sticks or sliced walnuts become the arms and those handy raisins are perfect for the eyes and belly buttons!

Christmas Toast Art o child mags blog

Christmas Tree Toast

Let’s decorate a Christmas tree – on your toast! Use strawberry halves to make up the main part of the tree. Cut two pieces into slices to make a stump too. Use a star cookie cutter on a watermelon or pineapple to make the tree’s star. Decorate the tree with halved grapes for ornaments!

Christmas Toast Art o child mags blog

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer Toast

We just had to include our friend Rudolph in this line-up! Spread peanut butter or Vegemite onto the toast. Use a walnut cut-in-half for his antlers, blueberries for the eyes and a strawberry tip or glacier cherry for the red nose.

Gingerbread Man Jammy Toast

This is a super-easy take on the ‘Jammy Dodger’ biscuit – but in toast form. Slather one piece of toast with your favourite jam. On another piece of toast use a cookie cutter to stamp out a gingerbread man, leaving a window to place on to the jammy toast slice. Hello Christmas jammy toast!

Christmas Toast Art o child mags blog

Merry Christmas! It’s going to be a ‘toasty’ one here in Australia!

Images + Styling by Jenna Templeton