8 Low-cost ways to develop your child’s innate abilities

8 low-cost ways to identify and develop your child’s talents and abilities beyond the school gates:

  1. Praise your child for being a hard worker, to reinforce the idea that effort affects ability.
  2. Discuss the merits of one book or film over another to build up critical thinking and creative ability.
  3. Get out into the natural world to develop curiosity.
  4. Encourage children to stage performances for family and friends to promote group play, their ability to plan, interpersonal skills and creative pursuits. Better yet, take part yourself.
  5. Team sports – they don’t have to cost the earth, particularly if there are older siblings, cousins and friends to pass down uniforms and equipment.
  6. Attend public performances together. includes regular listings of what’s on and where.
  7. Go to an exhibition at a museum or gallery and let that inspire creative thought and play.
  8. Visit an aquarium or take a trip to the seashore to see what lives under the water and how.