Back-To-School Mini Mag

Back To School Mini Mag

Say hello to our CHILD back-to-school mini mag. Did you know we create monthly mini mags? You can totally read them on your phone. Neat, right?

Every month I have the wonderful opportunity to create and edit our extension title; CHILD Mini Mags. Each is free to download and focus on a particular theme.

The Back-To-School mini mag issue is dedicated to all things back-to-school, from lunchbox ideas to nostalgic childhood stories and backpacks for adults.

While we can all get caught-up in the ‘back-to-school’ shopping to-do list it can be the time that parents are beginning to dread putting packing lunchboxes back into their morning routine! So to ease the load, we have packed this issue with LOTS of easy and quick lunchbox ideas and have even let the kids tell us what they really want for lunch. Win-Win!

Back-To-School Mini Mag

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Let’s get studying!

Jenna xo
Mini Mag Editor