DIY Gooey Slime

DIY Gooey Slime

Gets the kids together and learn how to make homemade slime. They will love watching it drizzles through their fingers!

You’ll need:

2 cups cornflour
Food colouring (of your choice)
1 cup water

How to make slime

Mix cornflour and water in a bowl until it becomes a thick paste (you can experiment to get the right consistency for you), then stir in food colouring.

Tip: Due to conventional food dyes being linked to hyperactivity, increased food-sensitivities, rashes and eczema, you may want to investigate natural food dyes for colouring. I came across many websites sprouting natural food colouring ideas that are definitely worth a go, for example beetroot = pink.

Kate Elwin, Mum to Oscar, 12, Max, 7, and Layla, 3, tried & tested this playful craft.

Guest Contributor