Flicks and Children and Media Australia Make Movie Selection a Breeze for Parents!

Calling all parents with young movie enthusiasts!

Flicks, the ultimate movie, cinema, and streaming guide, has teamed up with Children and Media Australia (CMA), the leading advocate for children’s digital and screen media interests. Together, they’re revolutionizing the way you find suitable movies for your little ones!

We’ve all been there—struggling to choose the perfect movie that will captivate our kids while keeping them safe and entertained. That’s where this game-changing partnership comes in. Flicks, renowned for solving the universal pain-point of not knowing what to watch, is taking the first step towards helping time-constrained parents discover the absolute best and most age-appropriate movies for children.

But here’s the real magic: CMA’s incredible award-winning movie reviews, based on child development principles, are now seamlessly integrated into Flicks’ platform across New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. These reviews go beyond a simple plot summary. They provide vital information on potentially scary moments, violence, mature themes, sexual references, and other tricky topics that parents want to be aware of. Expert reviewers, well-versed in child development, even offer age recommendations, ensuring your little ones can enjoy the movie without any harm.

Why does this matter? Well, CMA is on a mission to support your child’s healthy development, protect their rights, and advocate for their best interests in the digital world. By teaming up with Flicks, they’re making it easier than ever for you to access their invaluable review service. It’s like having a trusted friend who can guide you to movies that will engage your kids while giving you peace of mind.

Barbara Biggins, OAM CF, and Honorary CEO of Children and Media Australia, knows firsthand how tricky it can be to choose the perfect movie for your little ones. She understands that movie ratings are just the starting point, and parents crave more information about content and age suitability. With this groundbreaking partnership, Flicks and CMA are simplifying the process, ensuring parents everywhere can easily find the information they need to make informed decisions.

So, get ready to embark on a movie-watching adventure like never before! With Flicks and CMA on your side, discovering fantastic, age-appropriate films for your little ones is as easy as can be. Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to delightful movie nights that both you and your children will cherish. Start exploring now and unlock a world of entertainment that’s just right for your family!